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The Liquor Hutch has an extensive selection of Products from around the World. This includes Special Allocations, Limited Editions, Rare & Exceptional, Vintage, Celebrity Spirits, plus many more. Our Special Order Service is offered to the general public and Licensees who have requests for products which amy not be currently available in Alberta Liquor stores. Special Terms & Conditions will apply to these Orders, and all details will be fully disclosed proior to Ordering.

How can I place a Special Order?

All Special Orders can be placed by filling in the Form provided below.  Information such as the Product Name, bottle size, Supplier Name along with any other pertinent information will be very helpful.

Is a Deposit required?

Yes, if we can source your Product(s) a 35% deposit is required at the time the Special Order is made.

Is there a Minimum Order Quantity?

Yes, the Minimum Order Quantity is usually one case, but sometimes Suppliers or Manufacturers may impose a higher minimum order quantity. In some cases especially for Rare and Limited Editions, 1 Bottle (or more) may be available. You will be notified if there is a supplier minimum order quantity and you will have the option to continue with the Order or cancel the request.

How long will my Products take to Arrive?

For products available in Canada it will take approximately 2-8 weeks to receive the Order, but International Orders may take longer.


The Liquor Hutch will provide each Customer a Quote for the cost of the Special Order after availability has been confirmed by the Supplier or Manufacturer. Total cost will include shipping & delivery, duty, exchange rates, bottle deposit, Insurance and all applicable taxes. Depending on the final cost, customers may be required to make a minimum 35% deposit of the final price of the Special Order before the order can be placed. The Liquor Hutch reserves the right to change the deposit requirements at any time. Once the Special Order is received, The Liquor Hutch will notify the Customer and make arrangements for Pick Up or Delivery.

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