Think Local

The Liquor Hutch helps support many local businesses, and we encourage you to do the same 🙂 Here is some examples from 2 local brewers we strongly suggest you try.

Prairie Sentinel

Old Prairie Sentinel Distillery is located in Lacombe Alberta.

"Proudly Albertan like you, we are staunch supporters of local industry.  For that reason, only the finest locally sourced ingredients are selected for our spirits, which we hand-craft in small batches using traditional methods and a stubborn devotion to detail to ensure palate-pleasing superiority every time.
In honor of working-class Alberta we emphasize premium quality without exception and value without apology."
Stay strong Alberta; support local !!

Hansen Distillery Edmonton Alberta - Barn Owl Vodka

"We set out to create a vodka that would live up to Grammy Hansen’s sacred recipe, we knew quality needed to be the key ingredient. And it is. Distilled through our 20-plate column and carbon filter, our Barn Owl Vodka is refreshingly smooth with a sweet finish."

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